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Proper Wheel Alignment in New Orleans, LA

Aligning the wheels of your Nissan may seem complicated, but to an experienced professional, like those at your Nissan service center, it is a routine task that can be completed in a short amount of time. Take a look at your maintenance schedule if you aren’t sure how often you need to be taking your Nissan in for an alignment.


Having the Alignment Checked

In addition to the recommended intervals in your service manual, Nissan technicians suggest that you check your wheel alignment following a car accident. In fact, even if you hit a curb with more force than normal, this can affect your wheel alignment, making it worth a quick trip to the Harvey service center. You should also have the alignment checked by a professional if your fuel efficiency has decreased, your ride quality has gotten uncomfortable, the steering wheel feels unsteady, or you feel a pulling to one side or the other. These things may point to another problem, but only a trained mechanic familiar with Nissans will be able to tell you for sure. It is also important to have the wheels aligned whenever you replace the tires. Any professional will know this and automatically do it as part of the tire replacement process.

How to Align the Wheels

Drivers around New Orleans and Mandeville who are unfamiliar with autos may think that aligning the wheels simply involves making sure every wheel points forward. Unfortunately, it is more complicated than this, which is why professional training is required. The technician will need to set the inward and outward tilt of your wheels when you are facing it, known as the camber, as well as the caster, which is the wheel tilt from front or back when viewed from the side, and the toe-out or toe-in, which is viewed from above. The adjustments require special equipment and have to be done in a certain order.

Whether you have noticed any issues with your tire wear or alignment or just haven’t had your wheels checked in a while, the trained technicians at the Ray Brandt Nissan service center in Harvey, Louisiana, can help. Schedule your tire alignment online today!