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Expert Brake Service in New Orleans, LA

Take a look at the maintenance schedule in your Nissan’s owner’s manual, and you will notice that brake inspections and service appointments are suggested at regular intervals. These are an essential part of ensuring that your vehicle’s brakes function properly throughout its life, always bringing you to a complete stop when you press down on the brake pedal.


When to Have a Brake Inspection

While your Nissan’s maintenance schedule is the primary indication of when you need to have a technician give your brakes a thorough inspection, your vehicle will also give you other signs. New Orleans drivers should always be familiar with the way their Nissan sounds and handles so they can tell when something has changed. The brake warning light turning on is a clear sign you need to visit your mechanic, but paying attention to how your Nissan operates can give you a few other signs, as well.

Sometimes when you apply your brakes, the brake pedal, steering wheel, or even your entire car will shake. This can indicate that the brake rotors are warped and requiring replacement. Another common sign of brake issues is your Nissan pulling to one side or the other when the brakes are activated. This can be due to several things, including worn-out brakes, leaking brake fluid or poorly adjusted brakes. It is also possible that your brake pedals will feel too hard or too light when you press down, typically indicating an issue with the brake lines or brake fluid. A final obvious sign that your brakes need attention is an odd noise, whether it is a grinding or squealing sound.


Expert Brake Inspection

During a brake inspection, Nissan technicians will look at every single component of your brakes. They will remove the wheels to get a better view of the brake discs and pads and analyze the rotors, brake lines, brake fluid and other components.

The many services available at the Ray Brandt Nissan in New Orleans include brake inspections, pad and rotor replacement and repair. Visit our service center today or make an appointment online now to confirm your Nissan’s brakes are functioning correctly.