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Find New Tires at Ray Brandt Nissan in New Orleans

When it comes time for New Orleans drivers to get new tires for their Nissan car, truck, or SUV, they visit their local Nissan service center here at Ray Brandt Nissan. The technicians here will be able to suggest the ideal tires for your needs and install them right there with minimal waiting on your part.


Do You Need New Tires?

Many drivers around Harvey and Gretna, LA, may be wondering how they can tell whether they actually need to get new tires for their Nissan. The good news is that there are a few simple signs that it is time for a replacement. The most obvious would be the tires themselves or your owner’s manual. Anytime you buy new tires, they should come with a maximum usage time in either miles or months. Once they reach this age, it is time to replace the tires since they will have gotten too worn. If your tire reached the time limit but have barely any miles on them, you can bring your Nissan to a trained technician and have him or her evaluate if the tires are still safe to drive on.


Otherwise, most people will realize they need to swap out their tires when their tread gets too low. You never want to drive on tires with less than a 1/16th of an inch of tread. At this point, they simply aren’t as able to grip the road, putting you at risk on even dry pavement, with a serious danger on wet roads. If you notice buckling or cracks on your tires or experience a blowout, these are clear signs it is time to change them.


Choosing and Installing Tires

You will want to choose the new tires for your Nissan carefully. They should be the right size for your vehicle and match the type of driving you need. A Nissan Frontier that goes off-road regularly will need different tires than a Nissan Versa that sticks to the highway.

The Harvey technicians at the Ray Brandt Nissan service center can let you know if your tires are ready for a replacement and complete the installation for you, keeping you safe in Louisiana. Don’t wait! Schedule your service appointment online now!